Smart Meters

The implementation of smart meters in the Koh Jik micro-grid is one of the key features of the ReCharge project. Smart metering will allow easy monitoring and control of the grid as well as easier payment collection.

Close monitoring will help to get a better understanding around rural island micro-grids. How and when the power is used, how the new tariff system affects power consumption and other analyses will be enabled by smart metering implementation.

Current Metering System

The current metering is old and inefficient. On a technical side, it is difficult to extract and gather data for analysis or optimization of the system. On a operation side, the micro-grid operator has to go and physically collect payments every month. This is a tedious and time consuming action that is not always as straight-forward as expected in a small rural community of 400 inhabitants where everyone know everyone.

Smart Metering System

Smart metering is coming to Koh Jik!

Through grant funding and support from the Australian Embassy Direct Aid Program (DAP), the Koh Jik ReCharge project will be able to order, install and commission about 100 smart meters on the island.

What will be enabled through smart-metering infrastructure?

  • Simplification of financial payment and payment collection

  • Seamless prepayment for consumers that can top up directly online or on their phones

  • Energy consumption monitoring and more flexible use

  • Load limiting functions decreasing strain on transmission apparatus such as transformers

  • Endless possibilities of tariff management and energy conservations measures

Australian grant, Australian meters!

EDMI, global energy solution leader was chosen to supply the meters on Koh Jik. EDMI's proven track record in addition to simple, flexible and robust systems made the company a perfect choice. Designed for residential use, the Mk32 advanced single phase model was selected.

The schematic below outlines how their technology work and gives an idea of how it will be set-up on Koh Jik. More can be learned on the website here.